Your First Session

With empathic listening I want to empower my clients to reach their life goals.

I will provide a confidential, comfortable and relaxed space. Your first session will take between 50 minutes to an hour,

I will provide empathic listening and feedback of what I understand to be the areas of your life to be focused on.

I will provide my verbal assessment of the issues discussed and ask for some life history, description of family relationships and present life situation.

We will discuss the process of going forward with more sessions and the initial goals you want to achieve.

Appointments are available from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm from Monday to Thursday.

A fee payment can be negotiated for sessions depending on income or 3rd party funding such as WINZ.

The full fee for one individual is $100,
couples are $150
 and youth $75.

Fees may be paid each session by cash or internet banking to an account that I will provide the
information for.

Contact me to book your appointment.